architect and engineer liability insurance

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Architect and Engineer Insurance

Architects’ and engineers’ insurance policies are specifically designed to protect and cover these inherent unforeseen risks associated with their developments.  Miscommunications, misinterpretations, and mistakes can be costly in their ability to delay, cause accidents or lead to personal injuries or even death. 

Architects and engineers are responsible for the creative design of buildings and projects.  These projects need to be structural sound and safe down to the smallest detail to ensure the safety and stability of their visions.  Every project has its inherent risks which need to be properly insured to mitigate any unforeseen damages, risks, or claims

These types of claims can lead to major financial damages.  Architect and engineer insurance can cover professionals in a wider array of fields including architects, building inspectors, civil engineers, project management, control system management, draftsmen, electrical engineers, environmental engineers, industrial engineers, industrial engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and transportation engineers. 


Common coverage’s for Architect and Engineer Liability Insurance:

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Bodily injury

Punitive damage

Pollution damage

Payment of claimant’s attorney fees

FHA/OSHA/ADA regulatory coverage

Deductible credit

Third party discrimination

Property damage

Personal injury

Mold and/or fungus​

Defense of licensing proceedings and subpoena assistance

Data breach and private security liability


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